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ECO BRASS is a new lead-free brass alloy developed by Sambo Copper / Mitsubishi Shindoh Ltd. This new alloy is an ideal brass alloy with excellent machinability, forgeability and high strength, equal to stainless steel.

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ECO BRASS is also produced as a wrought mill product and in continuous cast bar. For wrought mill products, please contact Chase Brass & Copper Co., Inc. and for continuous cast bar, please contact Concast Metal Products Co.

ECO BRASS eliminates the problems of stress corrosion cracking and dezincification corrosion, typical disadvantages of traditional brass materials.

Mechanical Properties ( Sand Cast )

Tensile       59,000 psi
Yield     22,000 psi
Elongation  16%
Machinability Rating    80%


Eco Brass
Sand Casting Version Specification

Nominal Specification

Copper 75 – 78


Tin 0.30  
Lead 0.09  
Zinc Remainder 20.9
Silicon 2.7 – 3.4 3.0
Phosphorus 0.05 - .20 .12

Advantages of ECO BRASS:

  • Excellent de-zincification corrosion resistance (equal to C83600 alloy).

  • Good machinability.

  • Good castability and fluidity.

  • Excellent ductility.

  • Currently in use worldwide.

For complete details, please call us at (800) 567-7774 or email to